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Utah Society of Certified Public Managers (USCPM):
Recognized as Leaders in excellent government management practices


Purpose: The purpose of the Society shall be to promote the quality of government through public management and instruction on improved methods of operations in the public sector.

Mission: The mission of the Society is to: be recognized as leaders in excellent government management practices; provide professional and personal development opportunities through on-going education and networking; promote national accredited professional certification for government managers; and to act as catalyst for change and as a resource to Society members and to government.

Members: Individuals are granted membership in the Society upon payment of annual dues. Members may be Certified Public Managers, instructors or administrators in a CPM program, or current participants in a CPM course. Members must reside or work within Utah.

Defining the Partnership between Utah Department of Human Resources Management and Utah Society of Certified Public Managers:

Shared Partnership Vision Statement:

Working together to promote excellent government management practices.

Shared Partnership Mission Statement:

Shared Values:

Continuous Improvement, Communication, Ethics (i.e. honesty, integrity), Humanistic Management, Innovation, Diversity, Empowerment, Cooperation/Teamwork, Commitment, Follow-through, Knowledge

Operating Principles:

Utah Society of Certified Public Managers
P.O. Box 1633 Salt Lake City, Utah 84110-1633
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