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                        USCPM Origins

W. Brandon Callor                                                                                 President-Elect                             Bruce Young                                                                                  Secretary                                       Mary Jacobs                                                                                       Treasurer                                      Donna McNew                                                                                     Treasurer-Elect                             Cindy Pace                                                                                             Board of Directors                        Lilibeth Iba                                      Mike Leary                                      Alair Emory                                    Cheryl Brown                                 Gary Schow                                                                                           Past Presidents                       Gary Schow '15                        Cheryl Brown '14                             Gordon Swensen '13                     Mike Leary '12                               Steve Wrigley '11                           Lauralee Blue '10                           Michael Shoemaker '09                   Keith Heaton '08                           Suzette Green-Wright '07               Craig Coulson '06                         Happi Hansen '05                                                                                   Utah DHRM/CPM Director                Rick Hughes                                                                                           Utah DHRM/CPM Coordinator        J J Acker                                          


1987 Establishment of the Instructional Program

The State of Utah became involved with the Certified Public Managers Program in 1987. The University of Utah and the Utah Department of Human Resources Management discussed the possibility of starting a program together.

In August of 1987, Governor Norman H. Bangerter signed an executive proclamation of support for CPM in Utah. It began the process to seek acceptance into the National Certified Public Manager Consortium.

The Center for Public Policy and Administration at the University of Utah and the Utah Department of Human Resources Management put together a program of instruction for CPM, with a curriculum based upon guidance from the national consortium.

Utah began teaching their newly developed curriculum to the first pilot class in 1988. The State of Utah Certified Public Manager Training Program was accredited by the National CPM Consortium in 1989.

The Utah System of Higher Education is the program's educational partner. The Commissioner of Higher Education and Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Regents and/or the Assistant Commissioner, represents the System for CPM events (e.g. graduation). The partnership with Higher Education provides access to all nine institutions of higher learning for instructors as well as curriculum development.

Students originally came from fourteen different departments within the State government. There were fourteen graduates of the pilot class in 1990. There were thirty-four graduates in 1991.

1991-1992 The Organization of the Utah Society of Certified Pubic Managers 

Following the January 11, 1991 CPM graduation ceremonies, a number of graduates, together with their instructors, decided that an organization of CPM graduates was necessary. This organization would help members maintain the newly established friendships, formally encourage networking, and provide a vehicle to continue the professional development of Certified Public Managers in the State of Utah.

On June 27, 1991, the first general meeting for Utah Certified Public Managers and Supervisors were held. Lieutenant Governor Val Oveson swore in the officers. 



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